Wednesday, October 31, 2012

VicenzaOro: the gold and jewels trade fair in Vicenza, Italy

VicenzaOro, the gold and jewelry trade show that has taken place in Vicenza, Italy, for years, has just ended.

2011 has begun with VicenzaOro, the first gold and jewels trade fair: not only because it is the first one of the year, but also because it is one of the most important ones. The event, that has taken place in Vicenza for years, is now one of the main world events as far as gold and jewels are concerned. A great jump for an event that was originally meant to promote and support the local gold manufacturers, and that now hosts companies and manufacturers coming not only from all over Italy, but also from all over the world: among the participants in the fair, indeed, you might find the main Italian diamonds manufacturers as well as the most important international jewelry companies.

The trade fair that has just ended was inaugurated on the 15th of January and ended on the 20th: on the one hand, it gave its visitors the possibility to take part in various meetings and debates and to visit its pavilions; on the other hand, it gave its exhibitors the chance to showcase their products and the latest innovations in the field of jewelry. And in spite of the crisis, exhibitors did participate: about 1,500 companies coming from 50 different countries and distributed in different pavilions, which could find in Vicenza a fertile breeding ground for the presentation of their products and for the building of business relationships. The catalogue of the displayed products included various types of jewelry, from gold objects to diamonds, presented by well-known designers as well as by emerging companies, which took advantage of the popular and international showcase of VicenzaOro to make themselves known.

This year the trade show has presented an important novelty: Roberto Ditri, the president of Fiera di Vicenza, has presented a 5 years plan which started this year and includes the enlargement of the exhibitory spaces up to 15,000 m and real estate investments for 29 million euro. A challenging project, which is supposed to confirm Fiera di Vicenza as a benchmark in the field of international trade fairs and as a meeting point that can originate new challenges and ideas for the companies.

This year the fair program was notably rich and varied, and included debates and special events focused on different themes, from the round table on made in Italy jewels to the workshop on the new finishing processes of gold products, form the meetings on new production techniques to the debate on the expectation for the future. A special mention is also due to Gold Expression 2011, the exclusive collection born of the collaboration of Fiera di Vicenza and the World Gold Council, which enriched the fair with over 120 jewels created by 23 outstanding Italian gold factories: a very important step towards the enhancement and the promotion of the quality of Italian manufacturers and design.

The program of the fair also included T-Gold, a space focused on the machinery and tools for goldsmith and jewels production. A unique event of its kind, which attracted over 120 companies specialized in this field, permitting VicenzaOro to deal with all the aspects of the field of goldsmith and jewelry, and helping it to establish itself as the leading event for this sector.

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Can A Credit Card Lawsuit Have Flaws?

As a result of this aggressive behavior by the credit card companies, you may find that your account has been turned over to a law firm for collection. Many law firms are taking the credit card companies on as clients in order for them to collect the credit card accounts that are outstanding and some of these law firms are starting to cater to credit card companies exclusively.

It is unsettling to think that the chances of getting sued by credit card companies is more likely to happen due to these law firms, but what is more unsettling is knowing that some of the information used by these credit card companies to sue you may be flawed, incomplete and inaccurate. A quote from New York Times reporter Jessica Silver-Greenberg recent article says, Credit card companies are taking consumers to court over debts without regard to accuracy. She goes on to point out that, the credit card companies are churning out consumer lawsuits based on erroneous documents and incomplete records.

In her article, Jessica continues with a quote from Judge Noach Dear, who says he hears up to 100 credit card cases per day in the New York state court. Judge Dear goes on to say, I would say that roughly 90 percent of the credit card lawsuits are flawed and can't prove the person owes the debt.

After knowing how compelling this evidence is in regards to faulty information used by the credit card companies to sue you, it is obvious you need the help of a practicing attorney who is licensed to help in credit card cases. You have to hire a lawyer who is licensed to practice law in the state you live in to represent you in court should a suit be filed against you. To be legally represented in court against credit card companies, it must be a lawyer and not a debt settlement company. In addition, any representation you get from an attorney based debt settlement company, you have to make sure and know that the attorney must be licensed to practice law in your state and that he or she is in fact a licensed, practicing attorney.

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Introduction To Financial Modeling.

Financial modeling in Excel is one of the most versatile and powerful finance skills today. This skill is often a sought-after add-on to well-known financial designations such as CFA, CPA, CA, CMA and CGA. In a nutshell financial modeling is a process of building a multi-year forecast of a company's financial statements: income statement, balance sheet and statement of cash flows. The projected time period varies from one model to the next, the norm being 5 to 10 years.
Why is financial modeling so important? It is used in a variety of finance applications such as investment banking initial public offerings (IPO), secondary financings, mergers and acquisitions (M&A); corporate banking; private equity; venture capital; equity research; corporate strategic planning and budgeting; and numerous other important applications. Below are just a few financial modeling application examples:

An investment banker builds a financial model of a mobile telephony software company that is going through an IPO process. The main outputs of the model will be metrics used in valuation: unlevered free cash flows (UFCF), earnings and net debt calculations. The financial model will be used in discounted cash flow (DCF) valuation. DCF, together with comparable trading and transactions valuation will be used in the company's ultimate valuation. The end goal of this modeling process will be to value the per-share offering price of the company's shares once they are listed on the stock exchange.

A credit-focused financial model is being built by the commercial lending unit of a major bank. This is a part of processing a large commercial loan application filed by a manufacturing company which is looking to expand its operations. The model's emphasis is on the debt servicing ability of the company in question. The most important outputs that the commercial bankers will look at are debt to equity ratio, interest coverage and fixed charge coverage ratios.

An equity analyst builds a financial model of a company that his firm decided to initiate coverage on. The focus of the model is on DCF valuation and unlevered free cash flows generated by the company. Based on the model's results the analyst will issue buy/sell/hold recommendations on the stock based on the relationship of his target stock price and the current market stock price.

A private equity firm is considering a 50% acquisition of an early stage pharmaceutical company that needs capital for sustaining its research and development (R&D) program. The private equity firm sees value and significant upside in this situation given the target firm's pending patent applications. The purpose for building the financial model is to determine the price at which the private equity firm is willing to purchase the 50% stake, given the hurdle IRR (internal rate of return) rate of 35%.

A pulp and paper company's CFO prepares a detailed multi-year budget of the company. She uses Excel financial modeling techniques to achieve her goal. The model will contain a 5-year projection of the company's income statement, balance sheet and cash flow statement and help the company assess future financing, staffing and operational needs. The multi-year budget will be submitted to the company CEO for review.

The financial modeling process is as much an art as it is a science. Solid financial modeling training through seminars and courses is a must for people seeking careers in many finance areas. These skills are further honed and advanced through the real-life work experience of building financial models.

The financial modeling process begins with gathering information. The analyst must become intimately familiar with the company he models, its industry and competitive landscape, its plans and prospects, and the strength of the company's management. Crucial pieces of information are the company's past financial reports, management interviews, conference call transcripts, research analyst reports, and industry publications. It must be noted that this information gathering exercise is much more challenging when modeling a private company as opposed to a public company. Private company information can often only be obtained through direct access to the company insiders.

An typical Excel financial model will consist of the following parts:

Assumptions. These are the model's inputs. Assumptions are based on the company's historical information as well as its future plans and current market trends.

Historical and projected financial statements income statement, balance sheet, cash flow statement. Projections are based on historical performance and model assumptions.

Supporting schedules including working capital schedule, capital expenditures (CAPEX) schedule, debt schedule, and tax schedule.

The model's outputs depend on the primary purpose for building the model. In many cases modellers focus on earnings, unlevered free cash flows, capital structure and debt capacity.

Scenario and sensitivity analyses are often incorporated into the models, including scenario managers, data tables and charts.

Financial models often serve as foundation for more detailed further analysis such as valuation, M&A merger modelling (accretion/dilution analysis), LBO analysis and Monte Carlo simulations.

So what does it take to be a good financial modeller? Accounting and finance knowledge is compulsory. In-depth understanding of financial statements and relationships between line items of the income statement, balance sheet and the cash flow statement is an absolute must. Microsoft Excel proficiency is another prerequisite. A good modeller not only knows Excel functions, tools and formats, but also is quick and efficient in using Excel's numerous keyboard shortcuts. Sometimes it takes years of Excel modeling to become truly proficient at this task.

Monday, October 22, 2012

Elliott Hulse Lean Hybrid Muscle Reloaded System Review - Is It A Scam?

Lean Hybrid Muscle is a very popular muscle building training program on-line today.

In this Lean Hybrid Muscle Reloaded review we are going to take a look at this muscle-building system, talk about a number of the pros and cons of it and find out if this muscle building and fat loss system is actually for you or not.

Lean Hybrid Muscle Reloaded Review - What Exactly Is It?

Created by Elliott Hulse and Mike Westerdals, two respected and famous fitness experts, Lean Hybrid Muscle Reloaded is a complete system that was created to help users gaining muscle and burning fat on the same time.

The primary goal of this system is to focus on the creating of what's generally known as a lean Type-III hybrid muscle through the use of a very unique combination of the 3 most vital elements: strength training, resistance training and cardio training.

Through the use of the right combination of these components, Elliott Hulse and Mike Westerdals declare that you'll not only have the ability to gain muscle and burn fats at the same time but you will also be able to gain a lean and muscular physique faster than every other muscle-building and fat loss system that you have tried before.

To find out if it's really true and to understand better if Lean Hybrid Muscle Reloaded is actually for you let's take a look at a few of the advantages and disadvantages of this muscle-building program.

Lean Hybrid Muscle Reloaded Review - The Advantages And Disadvantages

The Advantages

This System Is Based On Unique Combination Of Proved Techniques

One advantage of Lean Hybrid Muscle is that it doesn't rely on only one form of training but instead based on a very unique combination of proven methods and workouts.

Through the use of the appropriate combination of the three most important parts of fat loss and bodybuilding in one routine, the program will trigger the body's normal response for building muscle and burning fat at the same time.

Detailed And Complete Program

One other great thing about the Lean Hybrid Muscle Reloaded product by Elliott Hulse and Mike Westerdals is that it is a comprehensive and complete muscle building program.

Inside the main e-book of this system you will find every little thing you must know about muscle-building and fat loss and in addition to the primary book of the program, this muscle building system also includes more important ebooks and audios which make this muscle-building program to be one of the most complete systems on the internet in these days.

The Product Comes With 2 Months Money Back Guarantee

Mike Westerdals and Elliott Hulse give 60 days of money back guarantee for their Lean Hybrid Muscle system and if for any reason this program won't work for you then you can get all your money back, so actually there is no risk.

The Disadvantages

Much less Effective If Your Only Purpose Is To Gain Muscle

The goal of Elliott Hulse and Mike Westerdals in their program is to teach the user the way to gain muscle and burn fat on the same time.

People who only want to gain weight and strength may find the Lean Hybrid Muscle Reloaded to be helpful for them, but since this system also helps to get rid of fat they might do better with some other muscle-building programs on the market.

Available For Buy Only On The Internet

Right now you can just find and buy the Lean Hybrid Muscle Reloaded program on the web and there is no in-store option.

Saturday, October 20, 2012

Home Loans Are A Way To Fulfill Your Dreams, But Do Not Let Them Become A Nightmare!

Buying a house will probably be one of the most important things that will happen in your life. Having the desire of doing it is nothing compared with the moment in which you make the real decision. It is also in that moment when you have to face all those many times forgotten details that could turn a beautiful dream into the most awful nightmare if you do not pay attention to them in the right moment.

The Right Moment

After thinking it carefully, you have decided that the right moment to buy a house is now. You have a good income to afford the loan payments and you will have time to enjoy your home for the next ten or so years while you repay the home loan. Now, what are the next steps to take?

Get To Know Different Home Loan Options

The most common home loans are home purchase loans, offered and used for purchasing a new home. But there are also other options that may be good to analyze:

Home construction loans are used for constructing a new home, these are suitable if you already own the land. In the other hand, there are also land purchase loans, that are a good choice if you want to start for buying the land first and constructing later or purchasing a mobile home.

If you already own a home and had purchased it whit a home loan, and now you would like to move to another home that will also need extra finance, you could resort to a home conversion loan. In these kinds of loans, the actual loan is placed into the new home, including the extra amount required.

Choose A Lender

Define how much would you be willing to pay, based on how much would you be able to pay. Be honest to yourself at this point, remember that you will still have to live while you afford your new house's expenses. Sometimes the things that we can really get are not exactly the same as those we dreamed of. But, having sense on this, can help us avoid getting into a big debt that could ruin our plans if we cannot afford the home loan expenses after a few months.

Visit your bank, shop around your neighborhood, ask your friends or relatives, or just search for a lender on the Internet. However you decide to look for your lender, take your time to do all the questions you may have. Get to know all the terms and conditions from different lenders and the options they offer to you.

Make sure to also get to known all the eligibility requirements and which ones do you fulfill, before applying, these will give you the chance to improve your eligibility or to avoid being rejected if the lender has many conditions.

The most important, make sure you have found yourself a good deal and that you will be able to accomplish it, before signing the home loan papers.

Find YOUR Home

After the lender was chosen and the loan has been pre approved, the next thing to do is to decide of which kind of home do you want to be owner.

Once you have a good idea of how much would you be able to spend, start looking for your new home. Contacting real state agents is always a good place to start. It will be easier to find the ideal property, if you could also make a list of which features would you like to find in your new home. By combining both, your ideal price and what would you like to get, a real state agent will be able to select faster those properties that could suit your wishes best.

When you find THE home you want, make your offer and discuss the terms until getting to an agreement with the seller. Remember to get a home inspection before closing the deal. By doing this you could save a lot of money on mayor repairs that are not so obvious to your eyes.

If the home inspections goes fine, congratulations! you just have to close the deal and become a homeowner. If the home inspection does not goes as expected you can either decide to keep searching until you find another home or you can also modify your offer according to those needed repairs and close the deal anyway. If you decide to do this, be sure that those repairs will not cost you more money than you will be able to pay.

Whatever your decision may be, if you reached this point you are closer than ever to get your home. So, cheers to you!

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Understanding The Ins And Outs Of A Coffee Franchise

Owning a coffee franchise can be a very rewarding experience, but before you sign on the dotted line and start serving hot cups of 'joe', there's certain things you need to know so you can make the right decision. If you go into buying a coffee franchise blindly, you could end up making a very costly mistake.

First things first, get a reality check. You should know going in what kind of money you have to put towards a coffee franchise, you should understand your strengths and weaknesses in running a business and be very honest with yourself about how much time you're willing to spend in your business. If you do this, you'll be way ahead of the curve. Don't jump into any decision. Take your time, consult with franchise experts and do your due diligence.

The attractive thing about owning a coffee franchise is the cash flow and profit margin. People are drinking coffee today like it's going out of style and they are happily paying upwards of per cup. The real cost of the coffee is under $ .25. The profit margins with coffee are HUGE! On the contrary, only making a few bucks per cup isn't going to get you a mansion in Beverly Hills. A Coffee franchise is 100% a volume business. You have to crank out thousands of cups per month to see any real income. Some of the most successful coffee franchises have drive-thrus which can make up to 70% of the revenues.

The real secret of a coffee franchise is NOT the coffee, but the atmosphere. People can get coffee anywhere, but they come to these shops because of the social element. They come to hang out, conduct business, surf the web, relax, read a book, whatever. That's why so many coffee franchises have the relaxing and mellow look and feel to them.

However, there are things about a coffee franchise that aren't so fun from the very start. First, the high start-up costs can be huge. Not only will you have to pay a hefty franchise fee, but then you have to get a location, you'll have to get equipment, you'll have inventory to get, fixed costs, variable costs, employee wages and on and on. The costs can be high. Don't forget about the royalty fees that are based on gross revenues, not net profits.

Now even if you are financially capable of buying the coffee franchise, that won't matter because there are more pre-qualifiers you must meet. You're going to need a considerable net worth, a good credit history but the real challenge is that you have to get approval to buy the franchise. If they don't like you, they won't sell you a franchise.

Monday, October 8, 2012

Applying For Chase Credit Cards Online: How Applicants Benefit

Credit cards are an essential part of living in the modern world. Just think about the number of items that can be bought over the Internet, the deals on flights and on hotel rooms. It works the other way too, with cards offering the best terms to be found online. That is why applying for a Chase credit card online is the surest route to the very best deals.

The Internet is the single biggest resource for consumers, but with it has come new expectations, not least relating to the speed with which applications can be processed. When it comes to credit cards, banks and card providers need to offer fast card approval to satisfy this expectation.

The marriage of speedy application processing and excellent card terms has helped to establish Chase credit cards as one of the most popular cards to apply for online. But there is, of course, more to take heed of.

Benefits to be Mindful Of

It might seem the most important factors of a credit card agreement are given in promotional material, but this is not true. It is in the small print that the more revealing details are to be found. When it comes to applying for a Chase credit card online, these details are clearly indicated to aid consumers in making the right card selections.

Fast card approval is one of the standard benefits, and offers applicants the luxury of learning the fate of their applications as quickly as possible. Because the application is filled out and submitted online, confirmation of card approval can be received within seconds, thus removing the stress of waiting on a decision.

Other common benefits are the incentives when using the card. Chase credit cards have a special points system designed to lower the costs associated with using the card. These points can be converted into savings at restaurants, when buying flights or rail fares, and when booking hotels.

Key Terms and Conditions

There is set criteria that all applicants seeking Chase credit cards online have to meet before approval can be hoped for. The good news is that they are rather straightforward, ranging from age to proof of reliable and sufficient income, so there should be little difficulty in satisfying them.

Applicants should be over 18, have US citizenship or residency, and an income large enough to suggest repaying the credit card balance will not be too difficult. However, perhaps the most important aspect is that applicants should have a fairly good credit rating. This not only means the credit limit can be increased, but fast card approval is likely.

Remember, there are incentives for those applicants seeking Chase credit cards with a good credit history. These include an introductory offer comprising 0% APR for the first 6 months, no annual fees and very competitive interest rates.

Getting The Card Online

The fact it is possible to get a Chase credit card online means access to the complete range of cards is simple. However, there are some important details required in order to ensure the best card for your needs is secured. As already mentioned, to get fast card approval, a good rating is necessary.

But applying online for a Chase credit card is pretty simple, with the application form taking all of a few minutes to fill out. And once they are completed, then the submit button only needs to be clicked on. After a few seconds, approval may be granted, and if so applicants can expect to receive their card within a few days.